Driving On The Streets Of New York

learning how to drive

Today driving on the streets of New York.

And I could see almost everything a new driver should be scared of:



Adults walking.

People playing and riding bikes.

I was real scared of hurting anyone.

But, I kept my head up and my heart cool. The most amazing the thing I did.

Many people get killed and injured every year due to reckless driving.

My instructors at my driving school are doing great work.

Those are my heroes. They told me almost everything I needed to know driving well on the streets. And today, I applied everything I was taught.

I took me weeks searching for the right Brooklyn driving school, and I’m so lucky to find the perfect one for me.

Access2Drive also have their locations in Baldwin and Long Island. Driving lesson in Queens County, New York.

In fact, their branch at Baldwin, Nassau Country does a better job than in Brooklyn as told by my good friends.

I’ll call them the best driving school in Queens.

One of the things I was told by the instructors at this driving school is to always inspect my car before driving it. This important driving lesson was emphasized more than any other.

I’m sure that if every driver out there starts heeding this driving advice, that is checking their car or jeep before taking it out, hundreds of life would be saved each year.

The seat belt is another.

As a new driver, I forgot to put on my seat beat.

I’d drove around for more than 20 minutes before I noticed one driver wearing his and then I suddenly remember that I haven’t done mine.

Not good of course.

If you have kids, this is even more important. Kids can easily fall because they have less weight and the ability to control themselves.

If you have an 18+ child who’s ready to start driving, make sure you teach them this important points.

Their driving school should also emphasize these important points, except you’re teaching them yourself of course.

But I always recommend that you let your kids go to a driving school where they have the best driving instructors available to put them through everything they need to know.

That’s why I recommend Access2Drive.

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Driving The Streets For The First Time

I felt terrified the first time I hit the road with my mom’s car.

Of course, I’ve spent a whole month learning how to drive well. (Hint: I’m a slow learner, hence the reason why it took such a long time).

I’ve taken the 5-hour class from Access2Drive. This driving school offers the most superb driving experience for new drivers. I learned driving at their Brooklyn location.

They have offices in Long Island and Queens.

The tutors are amazing, understanding and very patient. This is something other driving schools in New York lacks.

After extreme driving, I decided to hit the roads. The experience was cool.

But that wasn’t the case at first. I had to request that my older brother join me in case I do something silly.

I got my confidence after 15 minutes of driving around the street and I could now comfortably make U-turns, reverse back and a lot more.

One thing I’m still trying to know as much about is speed.

Being on the right speed is the key in safe driving.

In a recent study from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration,

(2008 Motor vehicle Crash Data From FARS and GES):

  • 7% of all vehicle collisions happen at 30 MPH or less.

This study also showed 45% of fatal urban (city) crashes occur on local roads and city streets as opposed to highways and interstates.

Learning to drive the streets with the best speed is very important in driving.

So I made a call to the wonderful instructors at Access2Drive.

I was advised to avoid driving during the busiest time of the day, which is around 2:00-6:00 P.M.

Keep in mind that time may varies depending on the place you’re located.

You need to figure out what the busiest time of the day is over there and make sure that you’re not on the road during these times if you’re a new driver.

And another thing I was told is that I should always plan my route with map or any navigation device when driving in an unfamiliar city.

I’m also always looking at the color of the road divider to ensure that I’m on the right lane. At least, this will help me avoid some troubles.

I’m still learning driving, and I’m improving each day I get on the wheel.

I want to be a talented driver, so good that I can travel across the United States. That’s my ultimate goal.

Thanks for reading friends.

See you soon.